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The music stopped. We could now hear the barking police dogs and the helicopter circling outside. I plugged the headphones into the back of the mixer and used it as a makeshift microphone. I could see thousands of ravers packed into this warehouse. I raised the headphones up and tapped them to make sure they were working. “Oi! Oi! Listen!” Heads started turning towards me. I now had their full attention. “Look, if you guys want the party to continue, we’re gonna have to fight the bastards!” A roar of approval went up and the atmosphere started to get very dark. Very quickly…

A trip to the Haçienda in 1989 prompted Rob Tissera’s move up north from Milton Keynes where he made his name as a DJ at the infamous Blackburn raves. In fact, Rob paid a high price as a well-known face of the illegal party scene when the police raided an infamous warehouse rave in West Yorkshire while Rob was behind the decks. But not even the dramatic events that unfolded following that crazy evening could stop the ever-smiling Rob from pursuing his dreams.

The Smiler – A DJ’s Life chronicles the life and career of the boundlessly energetic Rob Tissera, one of Britain’s best-known DJs, producers, musicians and promoters. Rob has played the biggest club nights and festivals on the planet and has put on some magical nights of his own as a successful promoter while also forging a career as a successful radio DJ on Kiss FM, Galaxy and even performed an Essential Selection on Radio 1.

Over the 35 years of his amazing career Rob’s work has encompassed old skool house, acid house, hardcore, hard house, funky house and trance, which he has played out at Ark, Sundissential, Funkissential, Kissdafunk, Gatecrasher, Cream, Tidy Weekenders and many many more. Rob has also released many records of his own under the names Quake, Circle City and Bobby Tee among others and has also mixed tracks for the likes of Faithless, BK, Armin van Buuren and many many more.  

It’s been one hell of a ride!

The Smiler – A DJ’s Life includes contributions from Graeme Park (Haçienda), Amadeus Mozart (Tidy Boys), Evil Eddie Richards, Nick Halkes (formerly XL Recordings and Positiva) and Ian Bland (Dream Frequency and Dancing Divaz).

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