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Jungle Tekno is a "vibe"!
Born from the depths of the UK hardcore scene in the early 1990s, fusing dark breaks with techno-inspired melodies and drum loops, it was the sound of the future, and is still beloved the world over to this day. Get involved!
This pack authentically captures that "vibe" ready for you to drop into your DAW of choice.
  • 60 all new musical riffs and basslines
  • Over 100 drum loops, fills and hits
  • 35 new pad chords for floaty, emotional, Jungle Tekno goodness
  • 40 "new takes" on oldskool basement shaking stabs
  • A folder of our most useful, tried and tested sound effects
  • All royalty free for you to use as you wish 

Check the demo and get lost in the world of Jungle Tekno! 

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